Askar Adapters for Mirrorless cameras(M54/M48-Z)

Askar Adapters for Mirrorless cameras(M54/M48-Z)

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In astrography, Nikon, Canon, Sony mirrorless cameras have been used more and more frequently by astronomy amateurs in recent years. Therefore, on the basis of the DSLR camera adapters,Sharpstar have introduced camera adapters suitable for Nikon Z, Canon R and Sony E mirrorless cameras. As the rear side of telescopes and other astronomical accessories are increasingly designed with male threads, there is an increasing demand for camera adapters with female threads. Therefore, we have launched this M54/M48 camera adapter with female threads for Nikon, Canon, and Sony mirrorless cameras. 

The thickness of Canon camera adapter is 35mm, 
Nikon camera adapter is 39mm, 
Sony camera adapter is 37mm.

All can reach the 55mm backfocus with camera. There is a red dot on the surface of the camera adapter. It’s a marker indicating how to quickly connect the adapter ring to the camera.