ZWO ASI678MC Camera

ZWO ASI678MC Camera

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ASI678MC adopts Sony's latest generation sensor IMX678 with excellent near infrared response. With the advantages of large full well capacity, high dynamic range and low readout noise, this camera has been tested and found to have perfect performance in planetary imaging, solar and lunar imaging.

Thanks to the back-illuminated sensor structure and advanced pixel tech- nology, the camera has very low readout noise and has an ultra-high sen- sitivity. Especially in low light conditions, the camera performs very wel and is able to capture very clear images of celestial objects.

ASI678MC can be regarded as an upgrade of ASI178MC. It adopts the latest SONY IMX678 sensor with advanced STARVIS 2 technology. Compared to ASI178MC, this camera features zero amp glow, lower readout noise and higher sensitivity. The dark current noise is greatly de- creased; the performance of near infrared is greatly improved.

The ASI678MC is an upgraded product of the ASI178MC. Compared to the ASI178MC, the ASI678mc has lower read noise, lower dark noise, and no amp glow.

ASI678MC exhibits zero amp glow, no matter how long the exposure and how high the gain value. Since it is implemented directly at the hardware level, it does not require software control.

The camera has a built-in HCG mode, which can effectively reduce readout noise at high gain. This allows the camera to maintain the same high dy- namic range as it does at low gain. When the gain is 182, the HCG mode is automatically turned on. The readout noise is as low as 0.8e, and the dy- namic range can still reach a level close to 12bit.

The QE curve and readout noise are very important parameters to meas- ure the camera's performance. Higher QE and lower readout noise are nec- essary to improve the image signal-to-noise ratio.

ASI678MC has much lower dark current noises than ASI178, bringing it has better image signal-to-noise ratios. If we compare the darks frames cap- tured with these two cameras, it can be easily found that the frame from ASI678 has much less noise and looks much smoother.