Celestron Kids 50mm Newtonian STEM Telescope

Celestron Kids 50mm Newtonian STEM Telescope

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This compact light CELESTRON KIDS 50MM NEWTONIAN TELESCOPE is a standard astronomical telescope. It is an all-rounded telescope. With the included 12.5mm eyepiece, you can observe the astonishing impact craters and landscapes on the moon, you can also notice the rice grain size-like rings of Saturn; all 4 Galilean moons can be easily seen as well. This telescope can be used to observe the brightest nebulae and star clusters, such as M42 the Great Nebula of Orion, M7 open cluster, M45 Pleiades cluster and many more! With the standard 1.25" eyepiece holder, one can mount different eyepieces. The sight bead on the optical tube allows easier and faster aiming. Removable side panel allows users to sneak peek how mirrors work.

Galaxy Scientific Group can design telescope workshops based on school requirements, providing opportunities for students to learn how reflecting telescopes work, as well as using this telescope to locate different celestial objects such as the moon and planets. Galaxy Scientific Group also welcome private parties for inquiries.

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