Galaxy Scientific Group Solar Telescope Plus

Galaxy Scientific Group Solar Telescope Plus

Galaxy Scientific Group
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- Product has been fine-tuned upon manufacturing, solar image is 109mm in diameter, which is consistent with the 109:1 ratio between the Sun and Earth's diameter. This means 1mm on the projection plate is equivalent to the size of the Earth. Measurements of aphelion and perhelion are possible with precise measurements of the sun's image size as the Earth-Sun distance changes over time. 

- Other than projection, this product can be used as a regular astronomical telescope with eyepieces of different focal lengths. (eyepieces are purchased separately)
- Contains altitude marks that can be used to demonstrate the horizon coordinates system and measure the location of the Sun and other celestial objects. It can be used for terrestrial measurements as well. 
- Contains a solar filter module, which enables direct observation of the Sun.
- A smartphone/digital camera adaptor is included, which can be used for simple astrophotography.