2023-09-04:Askar 65PHQAskar V and the newly released  M48/M54 Backfocus Adjuster are available now

2023-08-24:ZWO Products Price Down 

2023-08-17:ZWO AM3、2600MC Duo、FF65 APO New Arrivals

2023-08-08:Askar 103APO Pre-order Promotion and Sky-Watcher CQ350 Pro, EQ8-R Pro Available now

2023-08-02:Sky-Watcher CQ350 Pro Equatorial mount released, CQ350 Pro and EQ8-R equatorial mounts now available in stock with limited quantities.

2023-08-01:ZWO Summer Sale is launched, with various planetary cameras and products in stock.

2023-07-13: New arrivals from Celestron, including the flagship NexStar Evolution 9.25" Edge HD with Starsense and various binoculars. Limited quantities available, while supplies last.

2023-07-05:QHYCCD PoleMaster & PoleMaster adpater、Planetary and guiding camera 678M & 715C;ZWO 533MC Pro、174MM mini、EAF and other accessories New Arrivals

2023-06-27 : Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTI and Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack equatorial mounts are now available at a summer discount. Limited quantities are available, and the offer is valid while supplies last.

2023-06-16 : Celestron EdgeHD 11" OTA (CGE Dovetail) & Celestron EdgeHD 9.25" OTA (CGE Dovetail) New Arrivals

2023-06-02 : Sky-Watcher new accessories, Sky-Watcher DOB 16”, StarGate 20”,  Askar V new arrival, SharpStar 94EDPH promotional discount