New ZWO M54 Filter Drawer

New ZWO M54 Filter Drawer

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ZWO has developed a new version of their ASI 2" filter drawer called the New ZWO-FD-M42 and New ZWO-FD-M54. These filter drawers feature an added anti-light leakage design to effectively solve the problem of light leakage during long-exposure imaging. Additionally, they utilize magnets to provide a more secure attachment, making installation and removal easier and more convenient. The filter drawer is equipped with locking screws, and the locking function can be adjusted to eliminate any gaps, providing double insurance for the filter's stability. 

The ASI M54 filter drawer is compatible with ASI6200MM/MC Pro, ASI2400MC Pro, ASI2600MC Duo color-cooled cameras (with the M54 interface). The M54 filter drawer comes with an M54-M48-2 adapter ring, allowing it to be used on either the camera side or the telescope side. 

Diameter: 70mm 
Thickness: 20mm 
M54*0.75 external thread (camera connection) 
M48*0.75 internal thread (filter installation) 
M54*0.75 internal thread (telescope connection) 
Compatible with 2" astronomical filters, suitable for connecting ZWO full-frame cameras and ASI2600MC.